From the Director’s Desk


A very warm welcome to the Arab Unity School, an institution founded on 2nd October 1974 by my parents Mr Abdul Hussain Taher and Mrs Zainab A Taher. The establishment of the school had a noble motive to provide an affordable education to each individual studying here. Since then the convention has been carried forward for more than 4 decades. The school ensures to present a stimulating learning environment where students learn to emerge as respectful, reliable and resolute leaders of the modern competitive society.

A balanced approach towards teaching and learning in compliance with the need of the hour and the guidelines of the DSIB (Dubai School Inspection Bureau), enables our students to evolve into socially conscious and morally responsible individuals. Students at Arab Unity School are moulded using a perfect blend of humanistic global values, integrated life skills and ultra-modern technology.

Each individual studying in our school is educated and developed with great care and nurtured with age- appropriate needs, be they the toddlers of early years who enjoy and learn their initial life lessons in a lively and homely atmosphere;the middle year learners who are prepared for and exposed to in-school and outside challenges through various competitions; the senior school students who are guided and mentored by experienced hands to be well prepared for board exams and other international exams or the sixth form scholars who are duly guided and assisted to pursue the perfect career choices in their lives ahead.

I am sure that the school’s accomplishments could have never been realized without the wise ideas and policies of the Principal and Vice- Principal, the able hands and co-ordination of the Senior Leadership Team, the sound subject knowledge and dedication of the teaching staff, the organization and commitment of the administrative staff, the hard work and dutifulness of the ancillary staff and the constant support and faith the school obtains from the parents.

Looking at the school’s progress over the years, I am in a confident position to assure you that Arab Unity School will continue to maintain and enhance its prestige as one of the pioneers in the educational domain in Dubai. The school’s vision, mission and strategic motives will always be carried forward on the path of its continuous progress.

Ms Arwa A. Taher

Executive Director