On Sunday February 25th, the morning assembly was conducted by year 10 students where speech on the importance of literacy was delivered. It was followed by interesting activity – dumb charade on English idioms and phrases wherein selected students enacted the idioms and others had to guess it and say their meaning.

Treasure Hunt was organized by year 10 students on Monday the 26th of February for the students of year 9 and 10. Selection of students for the game was based on the preliminary open to all dictation round. The participants were to hunt the targets using clues based on English literary terms.

Tuesday 27th of February was the day for year 7 students to exhibit their talents in Character disguise. Students came dressed up as characters from various stories and delivered short dialogues.

28th February was the day for Arabic assembly. More ideas were shared on importance of literacy and the development of the modern world in Arabic language.

March 1st, Thursday was celebrated especially to mark the end of the Literacy week. Drop and Read was the activity planned for the day where during the morning assembly the entire boys school including   students, teachers and the head of section dropped everything and just read. It was a serene peaceful beginning of a productive day.

Some classroom activities were also conducted during the English lessons to have a cross curricular learning of English and Arabic languages.